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Product Description

LIN-SEAL EMULSION sealing compound is a
true water-based, high solids solution of boiled
linseed oil. LIN-SEAL EMULSION is a liquid
membrane seal for freshly placed concrete that
helps retain original moisture to aid cement
hydration and assist in the development of high
early and ultimate strengths. LIN-SEAL
EMULSION is a single application penetrating
sealer that protects existing concrete from the
effects of deicing chemicals. It also prevents
map cracking, checking, spalling, and scaling.
LIN-SEAL EMULSION appears milky white in
the container and when first applied, providing
visual identification of covered area. Once
applied and dried, it forms a clear transparent
film, which provides a premium-grade seal for
optimum water retention.

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Manufacturer W.R. MEADOWS

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